Steve Dauphin
Steve Dauphin has been active in the private markets since 1994, working with funds totaling in excess of $200M. In recent years, his practice has focused on waste biomass energy solutions and more sustainable alternatives to traditional fertilizers. In 2010, Mr. Dauphin presented a market-based technology commercialization strategy to a gathering of world agricultural experts assembled at the World Bank to discuss the nine billion person challenge. The Food Security Group is an outgrowth of that presentation. Mr. Dauphin currently is a board member on two leading North American bio-mass energy companies.

W.B. (Bud) Kirchner
W.B. (Bud) Kirchner is the founder of Kirchner Group – a 29 year old traditional merchant bank focused on early and mid-stage companies. He is co-managing two funds with 18 agricultural investee companies and is experienced with agriculture and agribusiness enterprises through the full agriculture value chain including operational, transactional, and investment. He was twice named Entrepreneur of the Year for agriculture ventures.

Blair Kirchner
Blair Kirchner is a Managing Director with Kirchner Group and is also a Managing Director with Jotralair Holdings. Blair began his career at the age of 12 as a summer apprentice with Kirchner Group Founder and CEO Bud Kirchner. In addition to his extensive background with the Kirchner Group he has performed research and analysis for financial services firms.

Armand Lavoie
Armand Lavoie is a Professional Agrologist and member of the Licensing Executive Society with over 23 years of experience in agribusiness including development of business plans, operations, venture capital. He has 11 years managing a North American venture capital group focusing on agri-technologies – and has acted as its managing director for the last 5 years.

David Philipp
David Philipp spent 12 years in investment banking positions at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch prior to designing and managing investment vehicles in the areas of sustainable resources for institutional and private investors since 2005.